WELCOME! Gold Rush Trading Post is located in downtown Mariposa, California.  Mariposa County, a once thriving gold mining community in the  foothills of the Sierra mountains, is only 45 minutes away from  Yosemite National Park. If you are planning a to visit Yosemite or the  surrounding areas consider trying your luck at gold panning, sluicing  or metal detecting! Fred Radonic, the owner of Gold Rush Trading  Post, will be happy to set you up with local guides and supplies for  your adventure to find treasures, including gold, in the Sierra  foothills. Mariposa creeks as well as the mighty Merced river have gold  bearing gravels full of gold dust, flakes and large nuggets. Gold is  still found by locals and visitors alike using simple tools and  equipment such as pans, sluices and metal detectors. With the right  tools, know-how and effort you’re sure to find gold! So if you’re a  beginner or veteran to gold mining, stop by Gold Rush Trading Post,  say “Hello” and step back in time to experience the New California  Gold Rush Adventure. You supply the dream and we will supply the  knowledge and gear to make it a reality in finding this elusive metal  in the California Motherlode.  Made with Xara © 2011 Gold Rush Trading Post, 4998 B 7th Street, Mariposa, CA 95338 (209) 966 - 3600 WE BUY GOLD IN ANY CONDITION! FREE IN STORE APPRAISAL  on bracelets, rings, chains, earrings, charms, dental gold, placer, nuggets, gold dust WE BUY U.S. SILVER COINS & BULLION MINING SUPPLIES  including pans, classifiers, scales, magnifiers, metal detectors, sluices, dry washers, high bankers, tools and accessories PROSPECTING SERVICES including nugget hunting with metal detectors Contact Webmaster